Chicago Northside MRI & Imaging offers the finest technology, radiologists and patient convenience anywhere in the Chicago area.

We have state-of-the-art MRI, high resolution CT and ultrasound, digital xray and arthrograms.

Our images are digitally captured and available for referring physicians. Our Radiologists are onsite every day, and are highly trained, board certified and subspecialized.

While we offer the finest image quality and radiology care in the area, our costs to patients are vastly lower than hospital pricing, and competitive with all independent imaging centers.

MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography)
CTA (Computed Tomogram Angiography)
CT Calcium Scoring
BUN/Creatinine Evaulation

Healthcare has changed dramatically. Many patients have high deductibles and coinsurance, which means that they often pay out of pocket for MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Xray exams. We offer quality that is as good or better, but at a cost to you that can save you thousands of dollars.

Chicago Northside MRI & Imaging is a radiologist-operated, highly specialized center, operated by an imaging center management company that has been in business for over a decade, providing the finest healthcare in Chicago and its suburbs. We operate the finest imaging equipment and offer state-of-the-art radiology interpretations.

“Very nice and friendly staff! Explained everything to make sure I was relaxed!”

“Great service! In and out! Love the cleanliness and privacy over hospital atmosphere any day!!”

“Everyone is very professional. There isn’t a long wait time. The technician explained the process very well.”

“Front desk and Techs are very nice. They take really good care of you here. Exam went smoothly.”

“They made sure I was comfortable seeing as though I am a bit claustrophobic. This is the only place I come for an MRI because of that alone. I would highly recommend this location.”

Call us today to schedule your exam and find out what to expect. Healthcare is your choice, choose wisely.